The Story

Hello, This is Ranya AlHusaini! I am glad you ‘ve found the main road to your mindset transformation. To discover the real meaning of why you do, or think or behave in a certain manner is a lifetime journey. But it’s never too late to switch the light bulb to the whole situation.

To get you confident and safe seated in this journey, let me introduce myself first. I am a Motivational Transformational guide, advisor, mentor and guru. For the person I am in right now, you would ask me, what made you take this path you are in? It’s hard sometimes walking alone, searching for answers or even digging for the truth. And this was me all the time I had to fight my contradiction and weakness. We are all human beings looking for the light at the end of tunnel. Seeking the light and the peace. It probably took me 20 years to demolish every part that I didn’t like in me,and stay on a mindset of rebuilding everything from the scratch. I had to work and to learn throughout my life that motivation is a built in alert system that keeps you alive. My confidence was always fluctuating so i had to find the secret formula for it, which was loving myself enough. When you love yourself – you will be able to envelope everything about you, and never shy away from defending yourself. 

With my 14+ years experience in the corporate world, I had learned more from my losses and obstacles more than my winning moments. I always had to push myself out of the comfort zone to try something unfamiliar. With every push I developed a new prespective in every project I was in. 

I am also a certified Rapid Transformational Practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, and a certified NLP practitioner and coach. Incorporating my experience, knowledge, and studies to further guide you through your critical life’s moments. Throughout the transformational journey with me, you will understand how the Language you always use with yourself will act as the steering wheel to your journey. You will also grasp the notion of re-mastering the unconscious reaction, behaviour.

“I motivate female professionals to step up their confidence game and become a better version of themselves”

So how does MINDSET transformational session work ?

I guide you through your first step in self discovery. I walk with you hand on hand, and as you discover and unravel your past, I then gradually and persistently assist you to uncover the root cause of the issue, you start to trace your story lines and connect all the dots. You then finally  pinpoint what itch and ticks you toward certain feelings, moments, beliefs, situations and concepts that you might have developed and formed throughout your lifetime. And as you unravel and connect the dots 

I empower you to express out all the negative old beliefs formed in the past, and as you start expressing out all the negativity from your belief system, you realize out that self-expression is self relieving. From there you start to mend down all mis-judged feelings , and as you draw a door to walk out from, you make peace with your history. I then enlighten you to manifest your goals in a consistent, persistent manner.