The magic behind transformation

Transformation doesn’t happen by itself, neither it is a work of wonder . It is an on going process of unraveling the harsh hurting that you have been placing aside for so many years. Something like sweeping the dust under the carpet, you know it will always be there but you pretend to hide it away from your eye sight.

You cant fall asleep, or you fall a prey of distraction and pessimistic thoughts just before deciding to go to sleep. the buzzing inside your mind keeps replaying, and you wonder then for how many years this has been growing inside you without any notice. And then you decide you want to self-improve and to ride this tide of change, you decide that from today onward you are committing yourself to a newly positive habit, one of them is to sleep early, quite smoking, manage your health choices or maybe even thinking wisely on your life purpose.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for you and you go back and forth to your old same routine. This ongoing cycle of guilt,shame and in many return self loathing or disregarding your true self worth will only push you downward the stairs of self respect.

Now the question is? How do Pioneers commit to change and transform at a rapid instance. How do highly motivated people transform their life? Whats their secret? What keeps them pushing even when the tide gets so high? Answer is ; their self love, respect to see themselves always on the best state, shape and condition.

Even you, got it all. You ve got all tools and keys to keep you improving, flourishing and transforming the way you always wanted. All you need right now is to find the right key to the next door you want to open! But what if the key on hand was rusty enough to turn that knob? What if the Key got stuck at that slot? What if it was not the right key to that door … and your mind is just brimming again with questions. Sometimes you would just spare all your attention and direct it straight to these negative- pessimistic thoughts that at the end of the day you are lost between a pile of unwanted feelings and thoughts. You are drained , wishing you could find a light at the end of the tunnel, but you keep on repeating the pattern, it goes on and on and it never stops. You wonder, while talking to a friend- “what is it with me that keeps me going back to the old same pattern. I am stuck“!!

That is exactly what you always end up with! Your negative thoughts, Things you always think of, words you always use, and feelings you always keep as a reservoir with you through your days. What keeps you stuck is only you? What keeps you pessimistic in thoughts is only you?

Now you are being your daredevil, the devil advocate and the tramp! You decide and you wear those role intermittently throughout your life, and it become a part of you- and how you undress yourself from that part. How you bare the truth and strip yourself from an old pattern and commit to your new habits? the below simple steps will get you pumped when life dumps you!

  • Get some help, talk to someone who can direct your direction. Ask for help when you think you are stuffed with obligation. Look for help when nothing from what you have tried earlier seems to push you forward. They say, ask; and you shall be answered.
  • Train your hands to free style writing. Write with no intention or direction. Write just because you feel with writing you will breath some thoughts,ideas or even inspirations. Write down your goals and make sure these should be red religiously before bedtime. These eyes swirling through your goals just before falling asleep confirm that they will become your own reality- so just write!
  • Repeat what you want to last. What you repeat- your mind will record- keeping a track of what you repeat until it becomes part of your personal map.
  • Empower yourself with beautiful encouraging and powerful words. Alot of what you say will either build inside you a beacon of light or a dump of crap. So you decide how you want to handle yourself.
  • Accept-Encourage-Cherish-take care and respect yourself: You got the notion at this stage that the only person who can win or fail you will only be you. You decide how you want to look, so reflect on how you want to communicate, deal with yourself- and all this should come from a place of love and respect to see you as the best version.
  • Forgive yourself and learn from every experience. Holding down a weight on your shoulder wont make you a monk or a scholar but will teach you how to degrade and put yourself down. Give yourself space to take your time always when things get rough, train yourself to relax and take a breath when nothings seems right, Reflect and learn from your past experiences they are the best teachers to your next curriculum in life
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