It was always your decision

Your life is your choice, and you decide on behalf of yourself to either choose it or cruise it. The twist here is that sometimes you decide to become a part of another story. You decide to limper your own journey. You decide to listen to those who never cared about you. It was only you! The truth is, you betrayed yourself many times, just because you’ve always lent your ears to those who belittled, crushed or even bullied you. You decided to believe them, and act upon the script they’ve written for you. You decided to just become what they think you should be.

And for those years you dragged your leg walking down, bowing down your head. For those moments when you felt no matter how many times you’ve accustomed yourself to be inside that frame. That frame they have decided you to be in, it was never enough. You had to accustom yourself every day and every time just to make them feel happy and proud. And for those time you decided to choose sadness over happiness. It was all your decision. It was all what you have chosen at that moment to please them rather than yourself. You decided to mold your frame into that template made by them. You have decided to demean, belittle, and victimize yourself. You have listened to everyone around you- except yourself! You have decided to believe everyone that made you look and feel wrong at any moment, and never believed that you might have something other than what they can offer in life.

The truth is, you were born with such phenomenal attributes. You were brought into this life with so much intelligence, beauty , and aspiration. You were a challenge to them, and they have exerted their power to mold you inside that box. Now, you standing here- might be counting down how many years have passed you by. You might be as well, regretting all those lost chances in life. Maybe you are at a cross road. Maybe also you are facing the truth of your old decisions. You are now battling your own truth and the choices you have taken so far. At this moment, are you happy? are you really satisfied of how far you have come. Have you done yourself good? Are you really loving yourself? A pile of questions that should be answered along with some clarification.

Answer your questions, and dim down self judgement. After all, you are a human being. a soul and a bone, a heart and a surge of blood .. You are a vulnerable bunch of feelings. You are a box of wonders that has never been opened yet.

You remember back when you were a little kid, always happy and excited about your gifts. Tearing down the gift wrapping to reach to your gift. Life for you is a spinning wheel. Life was a giggle, a candy or even a pretty dress. And as vivid these pictures could remind you of yesterday, you can just rewire your brain again to relive, reset and decide on your life again. Decide to be happy, filled with life, and excited to flip your page when the dot has found its end. Decide to be excited to live life like day one, always clear that every moment is a happy hour.

Remember, you were born beautiful, just as god blessed you. You were born phenomenally intelligent and unique. You should also remember to unleash the burden from your past- and devour into tomorrow with your wild wings. Always soaring, always strong.

Believe in you when nothing stays the same. Believe in you when all has gone its way. Believe in you when you think you are only here at this moment to speak your only truth, your beautiful truth. Believe in you, because that’s what fills you with purpose . Believe in you because you are a phenomenal human being, you are only here to stir a difference to say a message. Believe in you because you are only here for a mission. Believe in you because you are a valuable asset to all humanity. Believe in you because if no one did than you are enough of yourself. Believe in you because thats the cure to your broken dreams. Believe in you because you are powerful enough.

Believe in you because you matter!

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