You find Happiness where you are ..

hmmm .. what a complicated matter to describe. I am not a preacher yet, but I have found the secret. Yes, the secret to happiness and enjoying life’s pleasure. I was never aware that I could find the box of treasure I’ve been hunting all of my life. I was always twirling around, squeezing my mind to think, imagine, visualize or even contemplate on to what are my happiness tools. I was always looking for ways, answers and solutions. Making the best of every new year’s resolution. Doing my best to be and become the best version. Idealizing my scenarios. I was always a devil advocate preaching for the happiness kit, and yet I felt happiness is more than I think! Happiness is not complicated, it is simple enough to make you feel the breeze of it every single moment.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is only when you decide to calm down your roaring engine against life. It is that state of peace you reach on the face of adversity. It is a state of dignity and pride. A state of respecting every inch of yourself, every part of your being is a treasure. It is when you value your self enough, brush off all fear and doubts from your dictionary. It is indeed feeling the blessing of having everything you need at the current moment. It is a state of realization that no matter what you will always be fine and you are blessed. It is that state of space you reach when you count your blessing every single day and smile. It is the devotion you hold dear to your values, and beliefs. I think by then I realized i am the only person who is responsible about her happiness. I decided that happiness comes in the smallest and tiniest details. It is engraved within every little emotion you feel during the day. It is when you decide that happiness is your choice of the day.

And so let me share with you my happiness kit. Or maybe, let me take you away with me back when I was a little kid. Back then, I remember I used to hid all my mini miniature dolls inside a yellow box. This box, I will carry everywhere around me. I would just protect this box with my heart from anyone. With time, this box became a memory. A sentiment I would always cherish of my childhood. A memory I would always respect, all because I was always defending my treasures. The moral of this story, you decide what makes you happy and you also decide to guard down your happiness gate.

Happiness come in many different forms. Sometimes, it is the roof above your head, a warm meal after a long hauling day, the first sip from your coffee mug, your kids giggle down the hall. Happiness is everything around you that you never cared or took for granted. Happiness comes in all details you never spared one minute to feel grateful or thankful for.

You decide when to feel happy, so guard down your happiness treasure from everything that could strip you away from it~

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