The more you dwell on – the more your become

What you dwell on from thoughts, ideas and feelings will become who you are…

If you had gone through a traumatic or unfortunate event that left some heaviness in your heart. You have noticed after that a change in mood, appetite, even your energy level. You started to become dark, lethargic and not in the mood for anything- something in you have changed. You are not the old person you used to be
How to save yourself, before you become this new version that you loathe

1- Seek the appropriate help, ask for help. Speak your worries, pain, recurring thoughts. Seek to understand what’s your feelings have been telling you!

2.Unleash all worries, tension, nightmares or even feelings in a notebook. In here, you will be writing free style. Just write with no restriction or fear. Your first mission is to express it till you feel relieved, light and liberated. Now it’s between you and the paper. Once you are done, forget all about what you expressed, and discard the papers. Make this your daily healthy habit when feeling down and heavy from the different circumstances

3. Choose an avenue where you will not trouble anyone [ let’s say your car ], higher up the volume of your speaker to your favourite song and sing along very loud. Every time you do this you will release all trouble and worries stuck in your chest … and you will start to feel super fine

4. Treat yourself every single day, either to your favourite coffee, a spa, a bag, or a beautiful notebook. But learn how to gift yourself, especially after a hard long day, or after celebrating your success

5. Give space and time for yourself to heal. Treat yourself with love and care. Respect yourself, become so gentle and kind with yourself. Speak good and speak well and always think about yourself with love and care. You deserve this, because you are a lovable human being

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